By Naphtali Marrus,

When buying a house it’s important to think of what features are most important to you and will add value to your home. Here are some basic features to look for and discuss with your broker.

‘Open Floorplan’

This floor plan usually includes the kitchen opening up into the dining area, and into the living area. With this ‘open concept’, the person making dinner doesn’t have to miss out on the conversation.. Here’s a picture of a beautiful open concept plan. View this listing on my website to see more.

Open cencept design.jpeg

Laundry Room.

Since when is laundry something to look forward to? A comfortable and well-designed laundry room can make the never ending chore that much more bearable. No more dragging laundry baskets to the dark and dingy basement, or carrying a heavy laundry bag to the wash and fold. Even the convenience of having your laundry sent out can’t beat the convenience of making sure that school shirt your child suddenly needs for tomorrow is clean before the morning. Having a spacious laundry room will save you a lot of time and hassle, and it makes it easier to successfully check off this must-do task. A separate laundry room topped the National Association of Home Builders’ list of most-wanted home features.


Energy efficient home.

When buying a home you may want to check that the windows and appliances are Energy Star-qualified, and that the house is properly insulated. Having energy-efficient windows brings in more natural light, is better for the environment, and helps keep your home comfortable year-round. Each of these energy-efficient strategies will help lower the cost of your energy bills. The Residential Energy Service Network (Resnet) is a great resource for grading the ‘energy efficiencies’ of a home.


Hardwood floors.

Although homes built from wood aren’t particularly popular in most areas these days, hardwood flooring is very popular and is aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, hardwood floors are great for allergy sufferers. Other benefits of hardwood include their lifetime use and durability (unlike carpets) and how easy they are to clean. Hardwood flooring brings a natural element that softens the feeling any room.